Open can of corn
14 Creative Ways To Use Canned Corn
Make Pickled Corn
Canned corn is already preserved, so you can just
focus on making it tasty. The easiest way is by quick-pickling the corn with vinegar, sugar, and flavorings.
Similarly, you can pickle the corn through fermentation with salt, water, and flavoring. Beneficial bacteria and yeasts will do the work from there.
Corn Milk Pancakes
For an interesting pancake variation, replace some or all of the milk with corn "milk," which you can make by pureeing and straining canned corn.
The finished pancakes will have a sweet, low-key corn flavor, and the more regular milk you replace with corn milk, the more pronounced that flavor will be.
Corn Ice Cream
Corn ice cream starts by pureeing corn and pressing out the milk. Tweak the flavor by adding ingredients like honey, or savory herbs like thyme, sage, or basil.
If you use a traditional ice cream recipe with a custard base, egg yolks will give the finished ice cream a richer flavor and yellow hue.
Buttermilk Biscuits
Plain biscuits are good, but buttermilk sweet corn biscuits are even better. The corn's sweetness and texture make a surprisingly good upgrade.
Since the chunky add-in of corn makes rolling and cutting impractical, these are "drop" biscuits, which makes them even easier to make.
Succotash's core ingredients are beans and corn, and using canned corn is a good way to shorten prep time.
Onions and sweet peppers provide a savory base of flavor, cherry tomatoes bring juiciness and acidity, and salt, pepper, other herbs or spices will round out the dish.