An everything bagel in front of a Chicago skyline
14 Best Bagel Spots In Denver, According To A New Yorker
Rosenberg’s Bagels
To mimic the bagels of New York, the owner uses a machine to replicate the mineral content found in New York City's water for the most authentic taste.
Zaidy’s Deli & Bakery
Each bagel is boiled before being baked, giving it a fluffy interior and distinguished crust. Unlike other places, this deli will be happy to toast your bagel.
Moe’s Broadway Bagel
With seven locations around Boulder and Denver, this shop offers 15-plus bagel flavors made with non-GMO flour and eggs from pasture-raised chickens.
Woodgrain Bagels
Their multiple locations around Colorado serve Montreal-style bagels that are denser, sweeter, and have a larger hole than the New York-style variety.
The Bagelry
This establishment is in Evergreen and offers 15 bagel flavors, house-whipped cream cheese, and a menu of sandwiches. It’s ideal for those heading to the mountains.