Variety of Raw Black Angus Prime meat steaks set, tomahawk, t bone, club steak, rib eye and tenderloin cuts, on gray stone background.
13 Undervalued Cuts Of Meat You Should Be Eating
1. Flat Iron Steak
The flat iron is an easy-to-prepare piece of beef. It comes from the fatty part of the shoulder of the steer and is more flavorful and tender than the flank.
Delicious on its own, this cut can also benefit from a marinade. Sear it for a few minutes on each side in a cast-iron pan or on the grill, but avoid cooking it over medium heat.
2. Tri-tip
The tri-tip is a tender, triangle-shaped cut from the bottom sirloin. Its light marbling makes it a surprisingly tender cut that can be seasoned in many ways.
This less-common cut is on the less expensive side, so feel free to experiment with a myriad of marinades, dry rubs, and other seasonings.
3. Beef Tongue
The beef tongue can be a tough sell for even the most adventurous eaters. This cheap cut is a staple in several communities, including Mexican and Jewish traditions.
Beef tongue has a high fat content and should be simmered in water or stock with onions and garlic. After a few hours, peel the top layer and slice it to your desired thickness.
4. Under Blade Steak
The under-blade steak comes from beneath the cow’s shoulder blade and is similar to the flat iron, just not as tender. It is less expensive but still flavorful.
This cut is lean and lightly marbled, becoming tender when grilled or seared. Because of its muscular makeup and connective tissue, it keeps its shape when slow-cooked.
5. Chicken Livers
Chicken liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, boasting more than 100% of your daily vitamin A intake, as well as other vitamins and iron.
Chicken liver is a historically protein-packed chicken by-product. It’s a staple in Southern cooking and is also popular on Jewish, Tuscan, and Indian dinner tables.