A bag from Outback Steakhouse on a table with several Outback dishes
13 Underrated Outback Steakhouse Menu Items You Should Try
French Onion Soup
This classic rendition consists of sweet caramelized onions sitting in a dark and rich broth, a hulland rusk on top, and a generous layer of melty white cheese.
Kookaburra Wings
These chicken wings come in mild, medium, or hot and have a delicious breading made up of a blend of the steakhouse's secret spices, which add an incredible depth.
Pecan Old Fashioned
The Smoked Cinnamon Pecan Old Fashioned is one of the chain's cold weather specialties, re-introduced every year around November.
The drink starts just like a classic Old Fashioned before house-infused cinnamon pecan syrup is thrown into the mix, taking the edge off this otherwise bitter and robust cocktail.
Cookie Skillet
The Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet consists of a salted caramel cookie with white chocolate bits, pretzels, an almond toffee interior, and vanilla ice cream on top.
Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes are chock full of vitamins and minerals, but what makes Outback’s sweet potatoes incredible is their honey butter and brown sugar embellishments.
The butter has a way of seeping directly into the orange flesh, creating a melt-in-your-mouth experience. The brown sugar is the cherry on top.