Eggnog in glasses with cinnamon and shortbread star shape sugar cookies
13 Store-Bought Eggnog Brands, Ranked
13. Califia Nog
Califia Almondmilk Holiday Nog fails to match the taste of traditional eggnog. It has a disappointingly thin consistency and an odd bubblegum-like flavor.
The color of this eggnog is a darker tan shade rather than the lighter hue typically associated with eggnog, which is apparent upon pouring the drink.
12. So Delicious Nog
So Delicious Coconutmilk Holiday Nog has an alright taste, but when combined with its unusual texture, it falls short of being enjoyable.
Its appearance and behavior distinctly resemble coconut milk, feeling somewhat slimy. The way it clings to the glass is off-putting, making it hard to appreciate the drink fully.
11. Elmhurst Oat Nog
Elmhurst's oat and cashew-based drink offers a cinnamon taste and a creamy base, but nothing especially memorable. The drink also has an off-putting aroma.
Visually, the drink has a tan color, but it's noticeably different from the white color many love seeing in a great nog.
10. Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort's Vanilla Spice Eggnog’s vanilla flavor distracts from the classic smoothness many love about good eggnog.
The creamy white color was a plus, but both the texture and flavor left something to be desired. The vanilla flavor also fell short of enriching the nog's overall profile.
9. T.G. Lee Eggnog
T.G. Lee eggnog has a pretty heavy nutmeg flavor and lacks smoothness. The eggnog also has a somewhat thin consistency.
The scent of this nog seemed more like what people imagine eggnog should smell like rather than the aroma of freshly made eggnog. Its color wasn’t quite right, either.