Double cheeseburger with lettuce and pickles
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13 Popular Fast Food Cheeseburgers, Ranked Worst To Best
13. Dairy Queen
The original Dairy Queen cheeseburger features the typical toppings, sans onions, and the chain also carries some specialty burgers, such as the spicy Flamethrower Stackburger. However, these burgers are just okay, and Dairy Queen is overall a better ice cream stop than a burger joint.
12. McDonald's
The McDonald's cheeseburger is one of the simplest fast food options you can find, and it continues to be so popular because it is delicious, thanks in part to a heavy dose of nostalgia. However, there's just not much special about a plain McDonald's burger to set it above other options.
11. Burger King
Burger King is obviously known for its burgers, which are cooked over an open flame using a fire broiler, giving them a smoky and charred flavor. We love Burger King for its newer offerings, but the basic burger just isn't unique enough to go out of your way for, even with the flame-grilled aspect.
10. Checkers & Rally's
Checkers and Rally's offers their own classic All American Cheeseburger, as well as unique burgers like The Double Fry Lover's Burger, a cheeseburger topped with fries. The large burger menu can be pretty overwhelming for newcomers, but this chain gets points for offering something for everyone.
9. Culver's
Made with fresh, never-frozen beef, Culver's cooks prepare their ButterBurgers with a buttered bun for an extra layer of rich flavor. Culver's takes great pride in sourcing its beef and cheese from local producers, but the one pitfall is that these burgers can be elusive, since Culver's isn't available everywhere.