Red Nespresso machine brewing coffee into a glass
13 Nespresso Coffee Pod Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best
13. Firenze Arpeggio
Firenze Arpeggio is a dark roast coffee with a bold flavor that has sour and bitter notes. This is not an advantage, as only the loudest flavors come through.
Without the bridge between upfront and lingering tastes, Firenze Arpeggio becomes one-note in an unpleasant way. Ultimately, it drinks too aggressively.
12. Nicaragua
Nicaragua is fruity and acidic. The coffee starts sharp on the tongue and stays as bitterness builds, which causes dryness on the tongue and makes it hard to drink.
11. Volluto
Volluto is a light roast coffee with bready notes. The espresso was hard to drink because of its acidity, and sourness is the first and last thing you taste.
It does not have a thick body either, so the combination of flavor and consistency makes the coffee taste a bit watery and more like weak, old office-pantry drip coffee.
10. Roma
Roma is a moderately intense, medium roast variety. The first sip of this one is sharp, and it’s hard to taste much else until that flavor softens.
Mild herbal and spicy notes can be detected on the finish, but they are not easy to highlight. Overall, this one isn't bad, but it doesn't offer broad appeal.
9. Shanghai Lungo
Shanghai Lungo is a light roast that comes more coarsely ground than an espresso pod. As espresso, the first sip is silky and smooth before the acidity kicks in.
The acidity spikes it into a pungent drink that is far from light. Brewed as lungo, which is recommended, the extra water softens the sharpness but makes the drink less silky.