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13 International Dunkin' Donuts You Won't Find In America
Mochi Waffle Donut
Dunkin’ is popular throughout the country and abroad, where menu items are tailored to regional tastes like the mochi waffle donut at Dunkin’ in Indonesia.
Made from glutinous rice, the donut has a distinct chewy texture. It comes in a variety of flavors including plain, cinnamon, cheese, chocolate, hazelnut, and strawberry.
Baklava Donut
Despite baklava being a popular Mediterranean treat, Dunkin’ baklava donuts are found in Switzerland, where the dessert has gained popularity.
The donut has plenty of layers to emulate the phyllo dough that is layered to make baklava and comes with a sugary glaze and chopped pistachios.
Lotus Cheesecake Twist Donut
Taking its name from Lotus Biscoff cookies, the Dunkin’ Lotus cheesecake twist donut can be found in the United Arab Emirates.
The cinnamon-spiced cookies are crushed and sprinkled on top of the donut, made from a cheesecake-flavored base and topped with a drizzle of white chocolate.
Boston Manjar Donut
Dunkin’ in Chile is home to the Boston manjar donut, which looks like a Boston Kreme donut with a filling made of manjar, a milk-based caramel sauce.
Manjar is similar to dulce de leche but is thicker and richer with darker caramel flavors, giving this donut a decadent flavor accented by a chocolate top coating.
Rocky Road Donut
Although the U.S. is home to Rocky Road ice cream, you’ll have to travel to the United Kingdom to try the Dunkin’ Rocky Road donut.
The donut has a creamy hazelnut filling and is topped with chocolate icing, marshmallows, caramel fudge cubes, and crumbled cookies.