Sliced grilled cheese sandwiches stacked
13 Hacks For Grilled Cheese You'll Wish You Knew Sooner
Make It A Waffle
Grilled cheese is already perfect the way it is, but there are a few tweaks you can make to elevate it further, like cooking it in a waffle iron.
Grilled cheese is even crispier and butterier when cooked in a waffle iron. Butter the outside of your sandwich, gently press it in the hot waffle iron, and cook until crisp.
Use A Panini Press
Cooking your grilled cheese in a panini press will cook it more evenly with perfectly crisp bread and melted cheese, with the bonus of cooking even faster.
Plus, the panini press will leave grill marks, adding a smoky flavor. Simply preheat the press, add butter or mayo to your bread, and cook until crispy.
Swap Out The Butter
Butter is a great way to ensure crispy bread, and to upgrade the sandwich even more, swap it for alternatives like mayonnaise, coconut oil, or ghee.
Each of these alternatives has a higher smoke point, which means they won’t burn if you cook your sandwich at a higher temperature to achieve perfectly crispy bread.
Toast Your Bread First
For extra crusty bread, toast it first. By toasting both sides of the bread, you'll ensure your sandwich bread is crunchy without being soggy.
Toasting bread also brings out more of its natural flavor before joining the fat and cheese, making for a more prominent flavor that balances out the sandwich.
Add A One-Eyed Jack
Provide your sandwich with some luxury by adding a fried egg. Cut a circle 1 ½ inches in diameter in your bread and fry an egg in it.
After your egg has set, flip the bread and add the cheese. Add a lid over the pan to help the cheese melt before the yolk cooks, and then serve immediately.