Corn Chex gluten-free cereal with other boxes of cereal brands
13 Gluten-Free Cereals, Ranked Worst To Best
13. Magic Spoon Grain-Free
This Cinnamon Roll cereal uses fake sweeteners with an overwhelming scent. It tastes of fake sweetener with a Hot Tamale-style cinnamon candy aftertaste.
Adding milk only amplifies the objectionable flavor and makes the cereal softer. At $8.99 for a 7-ounce box, this cereal offers the worst value for your money.
12. Three Wishes
This brand's Vanilla Frosted Grain Free cereal is made from a blend of chickpeas, tapioca, and pea protein. It's made with some real sugar and monkfruit sweetener.
Crunchy with or without milk, this cereal costs $6.99 for an 8.6-ounce box at Sprouts. However, it does have an intense umami savoriness that buries the vanilla.
11. Lovebird Unsweetened
This cereal contains no fake sweeteners, but the lack of it makes it hard to eat without milk. It tastes like cassava flour with a little bit of coconut.
Its taste is somewhat similar to whole grain with more of a bitter edge. However, the inherent savoriness of the Lovebird still shined through, and not in an enjoyable way.
10. OffLimits
Fluf N Puf is not grain-free; its no-gluten formula uses ingredients like rice flour, pea fiber, and cane sugar. Eaten dry, the maple and marshmallow are too potent.
With milk, the cereal tastes like syrup-drenched pancakes and it stays crunchy, even the marshmallows. It doesn't change the taste of the milk much.
9. Corn Chex
This cereal is great when eaten without milk because of the crunch. It doesn’t taste sugary, but there are some mild notes of cornbread and polenta.
The Chex didn't transform the milk's flavor but did stay impressively crispy in it, given how light they are. At Walmart, the cereal costs just over $3 for a 12-ounce package.