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13 Boxed Spaghetti Noodle Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
13. Great Value
For many people, store-brand boxed pasta is a go-to cheap meal, and Walmart's Great Value brand is made by established, name-brand pasta makers. While it's more affordable than name-brand pasta, the taste is pretty bland and forgettable, which isn't so bad if you have a flavorful sauce.
12. Colavita
Colavita spaghetti has a mild umami flavor from semolina wheat, and the sturdy integrity of the noodles can stand up to hearty sauces, but any inherent flavor in this pasta is easily overwhelmed by even the mildest of spices. This spaghetti is a good budget option, but it's not going to impress your dinner guests.
11. Whole Foods
After being tarred with the nickname "Whole Paycheck" for being too expensive, Whole Foods is pushing its in-house 365 Everyday Value products. While it is more affordable, this pasta is indistinguishable from other stores' in-house spaghetti and doesn't justify a purchase if you're not already at Whole Foods.
10. De Cecco
De Cecco spaghetti is a moderately-priced workhorse pasta, made with care using a low-temperature drying device, and these noodles harmonize well with all kinds of sauces and toppings. It's not exactly a budget brand, but this product is head and shoulders above similarly-priced pastas.
9. Banza
Banza uses flour made of chickpeas to create pasta that's healthier and more sustainable. There's no getting around the distinct chickpea flavor of this spaghetti, but it does make this pasta even better than regular noodles in dishes that feature bold Mediterranean flavors like lemon, olives, and oregano.