Stack of assorted bagels
13 Best Spots For A Bagel In Chicago
Located in Lakeview, Steingold's is a great option for all your bagel cravings. You can eat amid its old-school deli ambiance or use the convenient pick-up window.
They have a fun bagel flavor each month, such as Hot Cocoa and Cranberry, posted on their Instagram page. One of their bagel-based breakfast sandwiches is also worth your money.
Schneider Deli
One of Chicago Magazine's "10 Hottest Restaurants in Chicago," Schneider Deli offers good food in a cool ambiance that lets you soak in the decor of yesteryear.
Bagels can be topped with gravlax- or nova-style salmon, or even with smoked whitefish salad. The deli also offers catering and sells assorted bagel platters with optional lox.
Chicago Bagel Authority serves its unique "steamwiches," prepared by steaming their bagel sandwiches to make them softer. This inventive item combines a variety of flavors.
The unique names of their steamwich varieties, like the Hangover Helper, the Lincoln Pork, and Eggosaurus, make visiting CBA a cool experience from start to finish.
Bagel Miller
Baker Miller, established in 2014, rebranded as Bagel Miller, making bagels its main star. Its bagel was listed as the city's 10 best in 2021 by the Chicago Tribune.
Their catering menu provides a variety of bagel platter options, and their bagel sandwiches are also a must-try. No matter the variety you choose, you really can't go wrong.
Wheat's End Café
Wheat's End Café serves gluten-free bagels, which are a customer favorite. They offer takeout and delivery only, with no dine-in facilities.
The eatery also features an impressive frozen section with bags of six bagels available in all varieties, which you can take home.