Alcohol pouring into kentucky mule
13 Best Bourbons For A Kentucky Mule
Since a Kentucky Mule only features three ingredients (bourbon, ginger beer, and lime juice), selecting the right bourbon to use is crucial to enhance the ingredients’ flavors.
1. Woodford Reserve
Woodford has been around since 1812 and has a rich, smooth flavor with notes of wood, spice, grain, and even florals, as well as a high percentage of rye.
That touch of zing pairs well with the spicy flavor of the ginger beer in a Kentucky Mule, while the caramel notes act as the perfect sweet foil to elevate this cocktail.
2. Bulleit
This "jack of all trades" is great in any context, enjoyed neat or as a cocktail base. It’s a versatile crowd-pleaser and has the flavor of a good, standard bourbon.
It's a high-rye option with wood and toffee notes, and a spicy character that's bold enough to retain its presence in the drink without being overpowered by the other ingredients.
3. Four Roses
Four Roses is the perfect example of a bourbon that’s more affordable than it tastes. With its delicious, refined flavor, it’s an excellent choice for a Kentucky Mule.
Four Roses Small Batch is a little more fruit-forward than some options, but the apple and pear notes work better than you'd imagine when paired with the ginger beer and lime.
4. Michter's
If you want a Kentucky Mule that's a little richer, sweeter, and middle of the road price-wise, we recommend opting for Michter's Bourbon as your base.
This bottle of small-batch bourbon tastes incredible in a cocktail, is heavy on the notes of caramel and vanilla, and retains its nuance with hints of fruit, smoke, and wood.
5. Gentleman Jack
Although Gentleman Jack isn’t a true bourbon, the difference between this bottle and regular Jack Daniel's definitely warrants using the former in a Kentucky mule.
It goes through a second charcoal mellowing process, giving it a smoother, more refined flavor. It boasts noticeable notes of caramel and vanilla and suits cocktails with citrus.