Scrambled egg topped with chopped chives on wholemeal seeded toast.
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12 Ways To Make Your Scrambled Eggs Taste Better
Cook Them Slowly
Scrambled eggs are simple and delicious, and to enhance their texture, consider switching it up by cooking your eggs low and slow. This technique prevents the eggs from drying out, and for perfect creaminess, remove them from the stove when they’re cooked halfway so the residual heat can finish them.
Cold Ingredients
By only adding cold ingredients like crème frâiche, heavy cream, or butter once the eggs have just begun to set, you'll lower their temperature in the pan, slowing down the cooking process for a creamy finish. Adjust the thickness and decadence of the scramble based on which ingredients you choose.
Use Chopsticks
Using chopsticks to scramble eggs rather than a fork, spoon, or whisk prevents them from forming too many air bubbles, which can make your eggs taste rubbery. Chopsticks are also more flexible and give you greater agility to adjust the size of the curds to be as large or as fine as you want.
Add Dijon Mustard
Adding a spoonful of Dijon mustard to your scramble elevates the flavor profile of your eggs by introducing a nice, tangy bite. Since all mustards are also good emulsifying ingredients, Dijon serves as a thickening agent, making your scrambled eggs heartier and creamier and ensuring that they don't weep liquid.
Add Salt At The End
Your scrambled eggs' silkiness will be at risk if you salt your beaten eggs too early, which can possibly cause them to turn gray and watery. Instead, wait until your eggs are almost finished cooking to add your salt to the pan, so it can do its job of amplifying the flavor properly without ruining the texture.