A steaming baked sweet potato
12 Ways To Make Sweet Potatoes Savory
Mash With White Potatoes
Mixing equal parts sweet and white potatoes will add depth and flavor to your traditional mash without subverting the comforting dish's savory notes.
You could also add celery root and carrots. Garnishes of caramelized onions, roasted garlic, sour cream, or fresh herbs will add a kick to the luscious, sweet and white mash mix.
Add Pesto
Umami-rich foods such as pesto balance sweet-tasting foods, adding an intriguing, earthy, and herbaceous flavor to your sweet potato dishes.
Traditional pesto contains extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan, but you could use cilantro in place of basil and add jalapeños or other nut varieties.
Try A Miso Glaze
Miso is a versatile, umami-boosting ingredient. Simply mix a teaspoon of miso paste into melted butter, then brush it onto your sweet potatoes before roasting.
Miso, which comes in white, brown, and red, is made by fermenting soybeans with grains and koji, a type of mold. It originated in China and later became a staple food in Japan.
Be Generous With Herbs
The fresh, leafy flavors of herbs will lend a savory bias to roasted sweet potatoes. Sage-infused butter or sour cream with fresh chives will both work well.
Try adding garlic and rosemary to sweet potato mash, pairing roasted sweet potato with fennel, or topping your potatoes with cilantro, white vinegar, and capers.
Pair With Parmesan
With its crumbly, salt-crystal-flecked texture and intense umami taste, Parmesan contrasts beautifully with the caramelized, earthy flavors of sweet potatoes.
Try adding grated Parmesan to roasted sweet potatoes, allowing the cheese to get a little crispy in the oven for an extra punch, or use it to add flavor to your sweet potato fries.