Root beer float in a glass
12 Tips You Need When Making Ice Cream Floats
Pair Sensibly
Choosing the ideal ice cream and soda pairing for an ice cream float is crucial. The key is balancing contrasting yet complementary flavors.
You can start with classic combinations, such as vanilla ice cream and your favorite cola. The silky vanilla acts as a blank canvas, allowing the cola's caramel notes to shine.
Chill Glasses
Chilling your glass keeps the ice cream float colder, prevents the ice cream's premature melting, and ensures that the soda remains bubbly for as long as possible.
Pop your mugs or glasses into the freezer for about 30 minutes before assembling your float. If you forget this step, an easy solution is to fill them with ice and soda water.
Chill Ingredients
Your ingredients should be chilled right up until you need them. Keeping ingredients cold preserves the drink's refreshing chill and staves off melting.
Don't let your ingredients sit out on the counter too long before assembling your floats. Add in your ingredients straight from the freezer and fridge as you go.
Customize Your Soda
Making custom soda at home will allow you to create some of the highest quality and most exceptional carbonated flavor combinations.
Crafting the right soda is crucial because it forms the base of the flavor profile. Experimenting with different flavors maximizes the ability to complement your chosen ice cream.
Use Quality Ice Cream
When choosing your ice cream, opt for high-quality ice cream with a rich, creamy consistency that will hold up well against a carbonated beverage.
You'll also want to go with flavors that can pair well with various soda flavors. Density is important, as denser ice cream will melt slowly and prolong the life of the float.