Tater tot sloppy joe casserole in a black dish with spoon
12 Tips You Need When Cooking Casseroles
Choose The Right Dish
When making a casserole, it's best to follow the recipe's recommended dish size and material. Only fill the dish 3/4 of the way to stop it from overflowing.
Use Parboiled Noodles
Fully-cooked pasta can get soggy when added to a casserole. Use partially-cooked pasta instead so that the noodles finish cooking in the oven.
Drain The Meat
If you don't drain cooked meat, its fats and juices can make a casserole watery and greasy. However, you don't have to do this with very lean proteins.
Don't Add Onions In Advance
Don’t add a fried onion topping until right before you serve your green bean casserole. When added in advance and reheated, the onions become soggy.
Avoid A Metal Baking Dish
Using a metal baking dish can add a metallic taste to your casserole and make it cool too fast, so it's lukewarm before you even get a chance to serve it.