Baked chicken in white wine in a pan with lemon and herbs
12 Stouffer's Frozen Entrees, Ranked Worst To Best
12. Baked Chicken
Not only did the chicken breast in this Stouffer's meal take longer than expected to cook, but it was nearly impossible to bite through and had no seasoning.
The gravy was okay, but it didn’t provide a whole lot of flavor. The mashed potatoes were grainy and bland, which did not help distract from the nearly inedible chicken.
11. Macaroni & Beef
Despite the heartiness of this meal, the macaroni noodles and sauce don't mesh together well, and the sauce doesn't cling to the macaroni as well as it should.
This results in a surprisingly disjointed bite, with the noodles swimming aimlessly in a mess of watery beef sauce. There’s no acidic, tomatoey flavor to be found.
10. Classic Meatloaf
This meatloaf meal has an okay taste, but you’re only given a small piece of meatloaf and a few spoonfuls' worth of mashed potatoes, which just isn’t filling.
9. Five Cheese Mac
This Stouffer's meal tastes good, but it’s a little too heavy on the cheese. It just tastes like cheddar, and the sauce becomes a bit grainy when you heat it.
8. Fish Filet
This fish filet tastes just like classic fish sticks, which could be a good or bad thing. For some reason, the meal was nearly $2 more expensive than the rest.
The meal doesn’t taste horrible and offers a decent amount of protein. The meal also comes with some basic mac and cheese as a side.