Corn tortillas in piles in a wicker basket
12 Store-Bought Tortilla Brands, Ranked
12. Old El Paso
These tortillas barely had any flavor and tasted vaguely off, almost as if they were going stale. They also had a dry, patchy texture and rubbery edges.
11. Harris Teeter
These tortillas easily tear when bent and break open when overfilled. The tortillas also didn’t have much flavor, but they’re still a perfectly acceptable option.
10. 365
The 365 by Whole Foods Market tortillas make for a fine foundation for toppings and have a bit of a home-baked flavor and thicker texture, but taste more like flatbread.
9. Ortega
Ortega tortillas are made with cauliflower, which adds a slight earthiness, but the texture is basically the same, and they can easily pass as regular tortillas.
8. Mission
Mission tortillas are quite basic, but also quite good. The texture is substantial but not dense or overly chewy, and there is little to note about the flavor.