Frank Sinatra looking over his shoulder
12 Restaurants Frank Sinatra Loved Across The US
1. Melvyn’s
At this Palm Springs restaurant, Frank Sinatra would always order the steak Diano and Jack Daniels with a splash of water. He also always sat at Table 13.
2. Musso & Frank Grill
This Hollywood hangout has served many stars since it opened in 1919. It started as a literary hub and continues to attract best-selling novelists.
3. Dear John’s
This Culver City restaurant was opened because Sinatra encouraged the owner, Johnny Harlowe to do so back in 1962. The menu focuses on classic steakhouse fare.
4. P.J. Clarke’s
As one of the oldest restaurants in NYC, it has seen its fair share of celebrities. It's known for its legendary burgers, especially the Clarke.
5. The Steakhouse
One of Sinatra's favorite steakhouses was this Las Vegas eatery. The décor hasn't been updated in more than 30 years, giving the place a classic charm.