Two bottles of Japanese whiskeys
12 Rare Japanese Whiskies You Need To Seek Out
Yamazaki 18 Year
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand, Suntory released a limited anniversary edition of Yamazaki 18 Year.
The limited-edition release of single-male whiskey is aged at least 18 years to produce aromas of berries and spices with notes of orange and sweet woodsy incense.
Hibiki Japanese Harmony
Hibiki Japanese Harmony Anniversary Edition comes in a limited-edition bottle featuring 24 facets to represent the day’s hours and the 24 Japanese seasons.
The subtly luxurious whiskey has an aroma by turns fruity, woodsy, and herbaceous, with sweeter notes of chocolate, orange, and honey on the tongue.
Ichiro Malt Card Series
Hanyu Ichiro's Malt Card Series Card Series Ace of Spades comes from a production of only 400 casks produced at a distillery that no longer exists.
Of the Malt Card Series, only five bottles of each card are available for purchase, making it a true collector’s item with a single bottle selling for over $111,803 at Christie’s.
Shibui 23 Year Rare Cask
Shibui 23 Year Rare Cask Reserve Single Grain Japanese Whisky has a limited availability as well as beautiful art-deco-inspired packaging.
The limited-edition single-grain whisky is aged for 23 years in ex-bourbon casks, giving it floral and fruity notes and tastes of toasted oak, spices, chocolate, and orange.
Hibiki 30 Years Old
Hibiki 30 year is one of the oldest and most luxurious whiskies on offer at Suntory. It prioritizes subtle flavors compared to other whiskeys.
On the nose, you can detect dried fruit and leather while it has flavor notes of sugar and spice, not unlike gingerbread with a touch of fruit jam and cedar.