Homemade Fried Bloomin Onion with Dipping Sauce
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12 Popular Texas Roadhouse Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best
12. Cactus Blossom
Texas Roadhouse has a large and enticing menu, but some items aren’t worth the hype, like their Cactus Blossom. A blatant copy of Outback’s Bloomin' Onion, this flower-shaped appetizer of fried onions is often covered in oil, and while the onions are sweet, the lack of seasoning leaves much to be desired.
11. Boneless Wings
This appetizer is somewhere between a chicken nugget and chicken strip, with fairly large chunks of solid white meat chicken that are breaded and fried. The breading has a good flavor of spice and herbs, but the chicken was overcooked, a bit dry, and wasn't tossed in enough Buffalo sauce.
10. Tater Skins
Ranch is the perfect sauce for these Tater Skins, because without a tangy condiment, they would be disappointingly bland, an odd trait for a dish with so much bacon and cheese. The skins are baked rather than fried, making them soft instead of crispy, and they’re also coated with a layer of grease on top.
9. Ribs
While these pork ribs are quite tender, with meat literally falling off the bone, they also manage to be oddly dry and lack any smoky flavor. Their saving grace is the barbecue sauce, which has smoky, sweet, and savory notes to cover up the lack of smoke in the pork; with enough sauce, these ribs can be tasty.
8. Steak fries
These fries seemed to have spent several minutes sitting under a heat lamp before they reached the table, and therefore weren’t very crispy or hot. However, they did have potential — they actually taste like potatoes and have the right balance of different seasonings like pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.