the outside of a Trader Joe's
12 Of The Most Unique Trader Joe's Locations Across America
The Original
Trader Joe’s has been serving people since 1967. If you’re a super fan, you can visit the original location in Pasadena, California where you can take photos and shop.
The Smallest
At 5,300 square feet, TJ's location in Boston's Back Bay is the chain's smallest. Despite being ⅓ the average size, it is stocked like any other TJ's.
The Busiest
TJ's location on 72nd and Broadway in New York City is chaotic. It has three floors, two elevators, four escalators, and three times as many registers than normal.
Under A Bridge
The Bridgemarket NYC location is located inside a landmark. Its vaulted ceilings, stunning tilework, and columns make the shopping experience spacious and serene.
Movie Theater
TJ's Alabama Theater location in Houston, Texas still resembles the movie theater it was in 1939. There are still film reels on the walls and the old-school marquee.