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12 Negroni Variations You Need To Try
The Boulevardier
The swap of gin for bourbon in the Boulevardier makes for a dark liquor cocktail that's drinkable year-round. The fuller-bodied and more complex flavor profile of bourbon helps tame the Campari, which is what makes this cocktail so easily palatable and harmoniously balanced.
Mezcal Negroni
For the mezcal Negroni, all you have to do is swap out the gin for mezcal — simple as that. This smoky, sweet, and earthy cocktail is the epitome of what makes cocktails and the world of spirits so exciting. It's resourceful, yet simple; fresh, yet familiar, with a distinct layering of flavors and textures.
The Old Pal
The swap of gin for rye and sweet vermouth for dry turns the Negroni into a completely new, layered, complex cocktail worth trying. The Old Pal is an excellent cocktail, and if you have already acquired the taste for Negronis, it only makes sense to give it a shot.
The Dear Jane
This cocktail is simply a regular Negroni with the addition of a small amount of elderflower liqueur that provides a very specific sweetness that helps bring out the herbal notes of the vermouth. Plus, the gin combined with the elderflower is a match made in botanical heaven.
The Gloria
This riff increases the gin, lowers the Campari, swaps the sweet vermouth for dry, and adds Cointreau. The result is a delectable, mild, but complex cocktail that is everything you love about a Negroni on a more softened scale, with a translucent glow of pink — unlike any other cocktail.