Different dishes of soup
12 National Soups From Around The World
Puerto Rico: Asopao
Often described as a mashup of saffron rice and West African gumbo, this soup's broth is rich and tomato-based, with vegetables and rice to make it hearty.
Morocco: Harira
Harira is a mix of legumes and vegetables, simmered with warm spices in water and tomatoes, finished with rice or fine noodles, and thickened with beaten eggs.
Ukraine: Borscht
While there are many distinct versions of borscht both in Ukraine and outside of it, the canonical version is dark red with beets and rich with meat.
Philippines: Sinigang
Sinigang combines rice or taro, fresh vegetables for texture and color, and proteins such as shrimp or pork. It's soured with tamarind, guava, or both.
This dish is the national soup of both Singapore and Malaysia. It’s a spicy noodle dish with coconut milk broth and some kind of seafood.