Glass of apple cider topped with cranberries, apple slices, and star of anise
12 Liquors To Mix With Apple Cider
Bourbon And Whiskey
Bourbon and whiskey make a classic choice for mixing with apple cider. They both have a sweet, spicy taste and elements of caramel and vanilla.
Consider using flavored varieties for more unique cocktails. Fireball's sweet cinnamon flavor works well with apple cider, as does Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.
Spiced Rum
Spiced rum features a somewhat sugary taste and a touch of heat that complements the warm undertones and spices found in apple cider.
Some common reasonably priced, widely available spiced rums include Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan. Kraken Black Spiced Rum is another fantastic option.
Vodka pairs well with apple cider due to its lack of a pronounced flavor. It gives it a potent kick without altering the cider's flavor or aroma.
Vodka is perfect for those who prefer the unaltered flavor of apple cider, but you can also opt for flavored vodka like Smirnoff Kissed Caramel to take the drink up a level.
Sparkling Wine
Sparkling wine adds a touch of bubbles to apple cider, resulting in a light, effervescent cocktail without altering the overall flavor of apple cider too much.
Since Champagne can add too much sweetness, opt for a dry Brut or a sparkling wine like Prosecco or Cava, which can add a light, floral, fruity flavor.
Made with Caribbean rum, Mexican spices, and dairy, RumChata is essentially the adult version of horchata and makes a perfect dessert drink when mixed with apple cider.
Both drinks have sweet, cinnamon flavors that pair well with each other, while the creaminess of RumChata can help tone down the spiciness of some apple ciders.