Frozen peach bellini mocktail in a glass with peach garnish
12 Ingredients To Elevate Your Mocktails At Home
Probiotic Beverages
Probiotic sodas include strains of pre and pro-biotics. They come in many flavors and are fermented, imparting a flavor that's similar to alcohol.
Adaptogenic Drinks
Adaptogenic drinks use a wide variety of herbs and botanicals that are known to alter your mood. They're perfect for mocktails that give a mood boost.
CBD is a chemical derived from hemp plants that’s known to help with anxiety and insomnia. When mixed into mocktails, it can provide a nice, relaxing feeling.
Made from the ground roots of the Kava plant and water, Kava is a drink that can provide a sense of calm and relaxation, making it a good option for mocktails.
Textural Ingredients
Texture is important in regular cocktails, so you may want to use ingredients like egg whites, aquafaba, butter, or coconut oil to add texture to mocktails.