Whiskey poured from bottle into glass with ice
12 Indian Whisky Brands, Ranked
12. Solan No. 1 Black
The Kasauli Brewery and Distillery in the Himalayan Highlands has been producing Solan No. 1 for close to 200 years using traditional Scottish methods.
It has notes of citrus, caramel, and spices, and the initial taste has black pepper and cinnamon flavors. The orange hits you right off the top, nearly masking a hint of nutmeg.
11. Imperial Blue Whiskey
When India banned alcohol ads in 1995, Imperial Blue promoted their ad as a "film," which was a series of ads sunk into a casually sexist narrative.
Aside from the controversy that this ad campaign sparked, you'll taste a touch of citrus on the nose as well as a hint of caramel, making it a fine entry-level blend.
10. Officer's Choice Blue Label
This top-selling, premier yet affordable Indian whiskey is triple distilled and blended. It has a unique taste of fresh fruit, pepper, and vanilla.
A blend of Indian grain spirits, this whisky has a mild nose, and grainy finish, with a hint of nuttiness, as well as strong notes from the charred oak barrels it steeps in.
9. McDowell's No. 1 Reserve
McDowells is a blended, accessible, and affordable whiskey with aromas of dried fruits, oak, and spices like vanilla and caramel.
McDowell’s has a velvety mouthfeel, but it’s quite sweet, making it a bit polarizing. Still, it’s versatile and can be served on the rocks or mixed in cocktails.
8. Royal Stag Whisky
A mass-market whisky that is simple with a smooth finish, Royal Stag is also very affordable and well-balanced, with a sweet aroma and touches of oak.
Ever since it was introduced in 1995, the whiskey has been popular globally due to its approachability and tastiness with notes of orchard fruits, honey, spices, and caramel.