A variety of gingerbread houses.
12 Gingerbread House Kits, Ranked
12. Sweet E's
While the cookie pieces smelled delicious, they wouldn't stay together. They were so soft that they couldn't stick together, and the frosting wasn't sticky enough.
11. Williams Sonoma
This gingerbread house came with beautiful packaging and delicious-smelling gingerbread. However, the loose frosting made it difficult to assemble.
The hardened frosting created a fun snow-like texture, and there was lots of candy to decorate with. However, as it sat for a bit, the candy leached color into the frosting.
10. Bee Prebuilt
This prebuilt, ready-to-decorate gingerbread house eliminates the headache of assembly, making it a great option for small kids and holiday parties.
The frosting on these prebuilt houses adhered perfectly. One downside was the lesser amount of frosting provided and the pretty basic candy inclusions.
9. Paw Patrol
The puzzle-like gingerbread pieces made this house easier to assemble. It comes with paw-shaped candies and emits a nice vanilla smell.
The design of the roof was unusual, making it tricky to decorate. Despite this, this gingerbread house is an ultra-fun find for any Paw Patrol fan in your home.
8. Candy Land
While the variety of toppings is impressive, the frosting in this kit is quite runny. That said, the gingerbread pieces were well-constructed.
The kit included little Candy Land people that you could arrange beside the house, which elevated the gingerbread house into a Candy Land-themed creation.