French potato dishes
12 French Potato Dishes You Should Try At Least Once
Frites are an integral part of a dish called steak frites, meaning "steak and fries," a dish of seared steak and crisp fries is served in most French restaurants and bistros.
Fries are mostly prepared the same around the globe, where potatoes are cut and then deep-fried. In France, they're typically lightly salted and served with ketchup or mayonnaise.
Gratin Dauphinoise
For this dish, potatoes are thinly sliced into discs and layered in a casserole dish. They’re drenched in sauce and topped with cheese, then the dish is baked.
Pommes Anna
This classic dish uses potatoes, salt and pepper, and butter. The potatoes are cut into thin slices and arranged in a baking vessel in layers that overlap each other.
Each layer of potatoes is drizzled with butter. It's then baked in the oven until the potatoes are cooked through and golden brown to form a potato "cake" that's served in wedges.
This cheesy dish includes lardons, which are small strips or cubes of fatty bacon. It uses reblochon cheese, which has a soft rind and gooey interior when melted.
Pommes Persillade
Persillade is a green herb mixture that’s similar to salsa verde or chimichurri. The mixture can be frozen and added to potatoes when needed.
Potatoes are parboiled, cut into cubes, and fried in hot oil. The persillade is added to the pan at the end, and the fragrant aroma of garlic and herbs takes over.