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12 Fancy Steakhouses That Received Scathing Reviews From Critics
Peter Luger
Despite being widely considered one of the best steakhouses in America, New York Times prominent food critic Pete Wells gave this restaurant a 0-star review.
Wells lamented the pre-seating wait times, but his biggest beef was with their porterhouse stating, “[...] it's just another steak, and far from the best New York has to offer."
Nusr-Et Steakhouse
Several food critics have asserted that while owner Nusret Gökçe’s (widely known as Salt Bae) presentational flair may be entertaining, the food falls flat.
Steve Cuozzo stated in his New York Post review that the eatery’s good dishes weren’t worth enduring "shoe-leather-tough bone-in ribeye [...] loaded with gruesome globs of fat."
New York Times food critic Sam Sifton found the food at this restaurant so underwhelming that his review is dedicated to an imaginary conversation with a philistine jock.
This fictional jock is incapable of appreciating good food, which is Sifton’s clever way of saying that he is the only plausible type of character that could value this restaurant.
4 Charles Prime Rib
According to Ryan Sutton of Eater, the primary offense of this generally well-regarded NYC steakhouse is that it’s nearly impossible to get a seat before 11 p.m.
With only ten tables, the booking process and wait times are so infuriating that, according to Sutton, by the time you get your steak, it just isn’t worth it.
Steak 48
Most of the Steak criticisms 48 have nothing to do with the food. Apart from a $100 per patron spending minimum at two locations, they also have an oddly worded dress code.
Their website asks diners to "please dress as your always elegant selves," suggesting they prefer a more privileged member of the upper classes as patrons.