Costco food court
12 Costco Food Court Hacks You Should Know
Pizza-Wrapped Hot Dog
As legendary as the Costco hot dog is, the piping hot pizza might triumph. If you can't decide between a hot dog
or a slice for lunch, try
both together.
Lose the hot dog bun and opt for a slice of cheese pizza instead. This trick involves rolling the slice of pizza around the hot dog to make the ideal handheld
in-between meal.
Root Beer Float
A simple order of vanilla
soft serve and a soda will set you back almost $3 and
provide everything you need for the perfect nostalgic
root beer float.
Go ahead and scoop your whipped vanilla ice cream right into the ginormous Pepsi cup, and then top it with fizzy root beer, taking advantage of the self-serve soda dispenser.
Caesar Salad Wraps
Costco's rotisserie chicken Caesar salad is pricey compared to other bargains, but you can stretch your $7 further by transforming your salad into wraps.
One rotisserie chicken Caesar salad can become four or five chicken salad wraps, so snag
a pack of tortillas before
heading to the food court for
this great hack.
Churro Sundae
An order of one or two churros will transform a $2 cup of soft-serve ice cream into the perfect cinnamony sundae.
For 50 cents more, Costco offers hot fudge-drizzled ice cream. Given the churros are only $1.50 a pop, your money goes a long way with this clever trick.
Hot Dog Chicken Bake
It involves a few meticulous steps to create the infamous Jochizza, which consists of the $1.50 hot dogs, a slice of cheese pizza, and the chicken bake.
Slice the chicken bake on one side and insert the hot dog. The chicken bake hot dog is then topped with all the cheesy goodness that can slide right off a slice of pizza.