Opened tin can spilling baked beans on a white background
12 Canned Beans You Should Keep In Your Pantry
Besides using them to make hummus, chickpeas can be added to salads, soups, and stews, or roasted until crisp for a light snack. The liquid they come in is useful, too.
Red Beans
Red beans are the traditional ingredient used in Louisiana-style red beans and rice, which is one of their best uses. They have thin skin and take on a creamy mouthfeel.
When shopping for red beans, you'll typically have the choice between regular or cream-style red beans. Cream style refers to the creamy texture of the beans.
Kidney beans have a mild flavor and thick skin. The skin allows the beans to hold their shape extremely well, making them a great choice for any dish that needs intact beans.
Cannellini beans keep their form well when cooked and have a nutty taste and a creamy texture. They’re a great choice for salads and herbaceous or citrusy dressings.
Great Northern
These beans are similar to cannellini but have a flatter shape with a more delicate texture. They’re great in dishes like stews for their ability to absorb flavors.