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12 Best Substitutes For Chocolate Chips
Carob Chips
With a similar shape and size, carob chips are a solid replacement for chocolate chips, though carob tastes less bitter and more sweet than chocolate. Carob also has many nutritional benefits, including a good supply of vitamin A and several minerals.
Cacao Nibs
Cacao nibs are pure roasted cacao beans with an earthy, coffee-like flavor. These nibs will add a crisp crunch and vibrant taste to your usual chocolate recipe, but they have no sweeteners or additives, so they’re more bitter and lean than chocolate chips.
Peanut Butter Chips
Peanut butter chips offer the same size, shape, and texture as chocolate chips, but with a nutty, savory, and slightly salty taste. These chips are easier to cook with than peanut butter and work great either as a substitute or companion for chocolate.
As a member of the fruit family, raisins are a more nutritious alternative to chocolate chips that still provide natural sugars and a soft, chewy texture that works nicely in baked goods. Some raisins also provide salty and savory elements that chocolate chips can’t.
Yogurt Chips
Available in a wide variety of flavors and packed with protein, yogurt chips are a chocolate chip replacement that provide a more refreshing, light, and sweet taste. These chips also blend nicely with other additions such as raisins and nuts.