Seafood tray with lobster, oysters, aioli, and blue mussels and champagne on a white tablecloth
12 Best Seafood Restaurants In Boston
Saltie Girl
Saltie Girl is a straightforward, reliable spot to get all varieties of seafood along with staples such as a raw bar, seafood towers, and even caviar service.
B&G Oysters
B&G Oysters is a great spot for high-end seafood that offers a raw bar experience featuring a rotating daily oyster selection and many other seafood staples.
The menu also includes a caviar service and endless fried options. There’s even an extensive wine list, which presents many perfect pairings.
Row 34
Row 34’s seafood menu is heavily inspired by New American cuisine and seems practically endless. The restaurant offers a raw bar and a wide craft beer selection.
Neptune Oyster
Despite the ridiculous wait times, Neptune Oyster is a staple choice for upscale seafood that offers some of Boston's best seafood.
The oyster bar alone is reason enough to wait for a table. It's stacked with premium oyster selections from farms all across New England.
Alive and Kicking
Alive and Kicking Lobsters offers super fresh seafood, to the point you can see the lobsters and crabs moving around in tanks, for a surprisingly affordable price.