Bowl of chickpeas
11 Ways To Add Flavor To Canned Chickpeas
Squeezing lemon juice over canned chickpeas is a great option, but the zest is excellent too. Lime works similarly to lemon, whereas orange is milder and subtly sweeter.
Expand on this basic pairing with fresh herbs, alliums, and spices. A drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper round it out into a simple dish.
Creamy Dressing
Transform a simple chickpea salad by incorporating a rich sauce that coats every element and brings out the chickpeas' naturally lusciousness.
Tahini is an excellent foundation for dressings, thanks to its consistency and ultra-nutty flavor. Whisk it with olive oil, lemon juice, and sweetener for
a delicious dressing.
Fresh Herbs
Fresh herbs can transform any dish from bland to brightly flavored, and their wide variety means there's something for most tastes and cuisines.
For a notable taste that stands out solo, add dill or mint to your chickpeas. Similarly, if you
want to infuse a salad with the aroma of onions, finely chopped chives work best.
Spices Or Dried Herbs
Dried herbs and spices are
a great source of flavor for chickpeas. Be sure to whisk
the spices with olive oil or
a dressing so the flavor
can blend in well.
For a simple enhancer, highlight one spice, such as paprika
or cumin. Pair it with garlic
and some lemon juice for
a cohesive taste.
Combine With Veggies
Chickpeas offer numerous nutritious benefits. Double down on the goodness by pairing them with vegetables.
Pair chickpeas with olives and baby spinach for a Moroccan profile, or with canned tomatoes and herbs like cilantro to make chana masala.