A peach-colored Stanley cup
11 Stanley Hacks You Need To Try Immediately
Transport Hot Dogs
Keep your hot dogs warm in a Stanley cup by boiling them and adding them to the cup with some brine. The cup will keep the hot dogs warm for hours.
Transport Wine
The vacuum-insulated technology will keep wine cool until you need it. Make sure to chill the wine before pouring it into the 40-ounce Stanley cup.
Hand Warmer
To use this cup as a hand warmer when working outside or camping, heat water to near boiling and pour it, so you can warm up your hands by holding the cup.
Bring Popsicles
Larger insulated Stanley cups can be used to keep popsicles or ice cream frozen. Slim freeze pops are the best option, since you'll be able to fit a handful.
Sundae Companion
Turn your cup into the ultimate sundae by adding a pint of ice cream and then using the Quencher tray to hold a slew of different toppings for you to enjoy.