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11 McDonald's Hacks To Save Your Hard-Earned Money
Use The App
McDonald's loyalty app gives you a $4 kickback to use on any purchase of $4 or more just for signing up, and you get free fries on your birthday.
The interface also alerts you about weekly or daily deals. However, the app's main purpose is to earn and track points, which can be cashed in for free food and drinks.
Look For Deals
Mcdonald's has handy $1, $2, and $3 menus that make it easy to track how much you’re spending and keep your purchases under budget.
Moreover, the chain has many limited-time promotions like free items, BOGOs, discounts, or free delivery fees that you can take advantage of.
Order Bulk McNuggets
Chicken nuggets are a quintessential part of the McDonald’s experience, and the larger quantities you buy the cheaper they are per piece.
A $2.19 4-pack costs $0.55 per nug, but that price dwindles to just $0.35 per nugget when you buy a 40-pack for $14.29, almost halving the price.
Big Mac Dupe
The Big Mac is an iconic part of McDonald’s menu, but since it’s on the pricier side, you can replicate it with a "Poor Man’s Big Mac."
Ask for a McDouble "dressed like a Big Mac," which includes shredded lettuce and special sauce instead of mustard and ketchup, and save yourself $2.
Save Your Receipts
Receipts can be a huge clutter and a waste of paper, but each McDonald’s receipt has a survey code on it that can get you deals.
Completing the survey often gets you deals like a BOGO, and you can also scan the receipt in your app to get loyalty points from your purchase if you didn’t order on the app.