Coffee beans and ground coffee in a measuring spoon.
11 Hacks To Get More Out Of Your Nespresso Machine
Run the machine through one cycle before you insert the capsule to make your drink. As soon as the cycle finishes, insert a fresh capsule and brew your espresso.
Although, in theory, the machine should be ready to go once you've turned it on, this preheating trick provides extra assurance that it's at the optimal temperature.
Using filtered water in your Nespresso can be worth it, as tap water will impact the taste of the coffee. Tap water also might cause mineral buildup in your machine.
Another important thing to consider is water temperature. You'll get the best results by starting with cold or cool water and then letting the machine heat it.
It's possible to adjust the settings for your Nespresso machine’s buttons to customize the size of your coffee. Check your machine's manual for instructions.
For basic machines, there are just a few removable parts that need to be cleaned periodically. The water tank and drip tray should be removed and cleaned with soapy water.
Some models have steam wands or milk containers, which need to be cleaned every time you use them. Check the instruction manual to see if certain components are dishwasher-safe.
Descaling is a type of cleaning that involves removing the mineral buildup from the inside of the machine. It’s easy to neglect because it involves interior components.
This can drastically improve the performance of your machine. If you notice that your coffee tastes a bit off, there's a good chance that descaling will solve the problem.