Different dishes of egg-based desserts
11 Egg-Based Desserts From Around
The World
Japanese Purin
One of Japan's most popular desserts is purin, meaning pudding in Japanese. It can be baked or steamed and is a favorite for fans of flan.
Japanese purin includes a caramel base that is poured into the bottom of the pans. Most recipes call for whole eggs and an extra yolk to get a mouthfeel similar to crème brûlée.
Italy's Budino
Italian budino is a rich custard often flavored with coffee, caramel, or dark chocolate. It's notably thick thanks to the addition of cornstarch and egg yolks.
Budinos are often served with a cookie crust or crumble, and topped with homemade caramel or ever-so-lightly-sweetened whipped cream.
France's Sabayon
Sabayon is traditionally made with just egg yolks, sugar, and a fortified wine like Marsala, though it can also be made with white or sparkling wine.
Whisk the three ingredients over a bain marie until it reaches a consistency similar to creme anglaise. Sabayon could be served as a festive dessert akin
to egg nog.
Peru's Suspiro De Limeña
Suspiro de Limeña is a caramel Peruvian dessert consisting of a custard of condensed and evaporated milk, egg yolks, and topped with fluffy meringue.
Cook both milks until they caramelize and make a custard by tempering the egg yolks. The leftover egg whites are whipped up into a meringue along with a sweet wine.
Portuguese Pastel De Nata
Pastel de nata are egg tarts with a crispy, slightly salty pastry shell filled with a creamy, egg-yolk-based filling with lemon and cinnamon undertones.
One essential element is to sweeten them with a simple syrup, pouring it into the egg mix to stabilize the custard while ensuring a near-gooey filling.