Plates of kimbap with Los Angeles skyline in the background
11 Best Places To Get Kimbap In Los Angeles
The Kimbap
Several sources, including a glowing review by the LA Times, have deemed The Kimbap as a place worth your stop. Its menu focuses on several kinds of kimbap rolls.
Vegetarian kimbap includes kimchi, sesame, avocado, and mushroom selections. Those unfamiliar with the dish should try Spam kimbap, a Korean street food staple.
Located in Koreatown Plaza, Awoolim is a beloved kimbap spot, with its delicious food and friendly and fast service. The portions are quite generous, mainly the fillings.
You won't get overwhelmed by the menu here, as they serve only six types of kimbap. The restaurant is perfect for diners looking for a quick, casual, yet tasty bite.
Kimbap Paradise
Kimbap Paradise offers catering services with massive rolls of kimbap, containing generous portions of fillings, to enjoy in your own house.
The outlet's variation of kimbap also has one of the thinnest rice layers, which allows more room to fit in loads of veggies, meat, and other rice roll staples.
Perilla LA
Open Wednesday to Sunday, Perilla LA is Chef Jihee Kim's Korean brunch and lunch establishment, which serves banchan as the main event rather than accompaniments.
Kim originally didn't want to put kimbap on the menu but had to do it on popular demand. Its kimbap and dosirak are some of the city's best healthy meals, as per the LA Times.
Baro Gimbap
This eatery in Koreatown has great take-out kimbap. They offer four different party boxes, each one allowing you to take a massive amount of kimbap home with you.
A lot of the kimbap served here is premade, so you'll usually get your order in your hand very fast, and at a pretty decent price considering the quality and flavor of the food.