Raw red meat cuts
10 Worst-Value Cuts Of Meat You Can Purchase
1. Chicken Breast
Unfortunately, chicken breast can be boring and is potentially one of the least flavorful cuts. It doesn’t have much fat, and fat is what gives meat flavor.
No fat means your chicken breast will need more seasoning, which essentially makes it the tofu of chicken meat. Without a marinade or brine, there’s little hope for this cut.
2. Pork Tenderloin
Like chicken breast, pork tenderloin is lean and often dry, especially without sauce. You can enhance its (few) natural juices with rosemary, sage, and garlic.
Still, tenderloin remains a favorite for serving large groups because it isn’t as overpriced as other worst-value cuts and comes in an easy-to-slice cylindrical shape.
3. Tomahawk Steak
The tomahawk cut itself isn’t inferior, as it can be a high-quality steak when seared and broiled. Rather, the problem is its extremely inconvenient handle.
Tomahawks go for around $35 a pound, a high price thanks to food trends and popularity. At least the bone serves a purpose by keeping the steak moist and adding flavor.
4. Round Steak
This cut should be considered for slow cooker pot roast recipes or sliced thin and used as sandwich meat because, when prepared otherwise, it isn’t very juicy.
Don’t cook a round steak too long and be sure to use spices and sauces to compensate for the lean cut. A full steak, including the three cuts, can average $7 to $10 per pound.
5. Lamb Flank
Flank is one of the less sought lamb cuts. Unlike other lean cuts, it has a decent amount of fat but is tougher than beef flank, so it is usually served as ground meat.
Lamb flank can still be enjoyed by adding more fatty ground meats to increase some of the flavors. It can even be made into stews, curries, and saucy recipes.