A hand pouring vanilla extract onto a spoon
10 Vanilla Extract Substitutes That Taste Exactly Like The Real Stuff
Almond Extract
The ratio for swapping almond extract with vanilla is one-to-one in most recipes, but you could also use a combination of both for a subtly nutty flavor.
Almond extract is cheaper than vanilla extract, so if you're trying to stick to a certain budget at the grocery store, it is an alternative you should consider.
Lemon Extract
Using lemon extract instead of vanilla in a one-to-one swap could make the final product more bitter and even more acidic-tasting, which contrasts nicely with sugar.
Adjust your proportions depending on what you're making. Just be sure not to use lemon juice, which is a totally different ingredient and can disrupt the flow of the recipe.
Coffee Extract
Much like vanilla extract, coffee extract works well to enhance the flavor of a lot of homemade desserts, especially chocolate ones.
It's a one-for-one substitute for vanilla extract, so certainly consider it as an option for when you're in a baking bind and need a comparable ingredient.
Since vanilla extract is essentially made by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol, it's no surprise that bourbon, which features notes of vanilla, can be a viable substitute.
The ratio is an even swap and shines in recipes that involve caramel, molasses, or toffee, but it may not complement recipes where vanilla is the main flavor.
Spiced Rum
Spiced rum can make a one-for-one switch with vanilla extract. It can be a much cheaper alternative depending on what bottle you go with.
The alcohol flavor will dissipate during the baking process. Just keep in mind that the final product might not taste exactly the same without the vanilla.