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10 Tips You Need When Using A Rice Cooker
By Joel Burrows
Different Rice, Different Cook Times
According to USA Rice, there are over 120,000 different kinds of rice and each rice can take a different amount of time to cook. Fear not, you don’t need to memorize every kind, just learning the most popular kinds would be a good place to start, though!
Using Stock Instead Of Water
If you’re seeking a more savory cook on your rice, a great solution may be to add a bit of chicken stock to your next batch of rice. However, if chicken isn’t your style, beef or veggie stock will work just as well.
Knowing The Water To Rice Ratio
In addition to cooking times, different rice also has different water ratios that should be used or else it can mess up the cooking of the rice. If the rice has too much water it can become goopy and if there isn’t enough water it can become incredibly dry.
Let It Rest
There are plenty of ways to achieve a fluffy rice that goes well as a side dish to just about anything. The easiest way to achieve a fluffier rice is to allow it to sit in the rice cooker ten minutes after the cook, this allows the rice grains to absorb a bit more moisture.
Cleaning Your Rice Cooker
A clean rice cooker is the first step of a good batch of cooked rice. To clean the inner pot, let it sit in warm water and scrape off any bits with a spatula and for the outside you should use a sponge dipped in warm, soapy water.