Chunks of fruit in a blender
10 Tasty Banana Substitutions For Your Morning Smoothie
Smoothies are an easy way to pack fruits and veggies into your diet, but if you’re running low on bananas, try using avocados to achieve that same creamy texture.
With a versatile, neutral flavor that pairs well with sweet and savory ingredients, a bit of avocado can add a rich, velvety texture, nutrients, and healthy fats to smoothies.
Yogurt is a popular addition to smoothies for its fresh, tangy flavor and creamy texture, and just a scoop of yogurt can eliminate the need for bananas in your smoothies.
A generous scoop of thick yogurt is great for replicating the creaminess of bananas. Plus, the yogurt pairs well with many flavors and balances out sweetness with its tang.
Coconut Cream
For dairy-free creaminess, coconut cream is an excellent option with its natural sweetness, boost of nutrients, and luxuriously thick texture that rivals bananas.
The cream adds a rich, nutty flavor to smoothies and pairs exceptionally well with tropical flavors or chocolate all while adding nutrients and minerals like potassium and folate.
Soaked Oats
Soaked oats are excellent for making smoothies more satisfying by adding a luscious thickness and nutrients like fiber all while helping you stay fuller for longer.
Instead of a banana, use about ¼ cup of oats, which you can add as-is or pre-soak in water or milk for an extra creamy, silky texture and rich, earthy flavor.
Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are known for their liquid-absorbing properties, making them an excellent option for satisfying, nutrient-packed breakfasts such as smoothies.
Use about a tablespoon of chia seeds as-is or soaked in liquid to form a thick paste. With a mild flavor, the seeds are packed with nutrients and will keep you fuller for longer.