Indian food and Chicago city skyline
10 Popular Indian Restaurants In Chicago, Ranked
10. Ghareeb Nawaz
Ghareeb Nawaz offers a selection of cheap yet filling curries, rice dishes, and dals. Food is served cafeteria-style on metal trays with dividers.
The cheaper price tag comes with trade-offs in flavor and quality. One must appreciate its efforts to serve affordable grub to hungry customers trying to make a paycheck stretch.
9. Nepal House
Nepal House offers Himalayan food men with heavy Nepalese influence. While it more resembles a banquet hall, the bar in the central dining room makes unwinding easy.
The menu features all the classic saucy Indian staples, like chicken tikka and chana masalas. However, its tandoor fish, grilled whole in a tandoor oven, is the show-stopper.
8. The Spice Room
The Spice Room is a BYOB joint, which is a humble, historical-looking Indian spot that cooks amply spiced Indian dishes whose heat levels can be inconsistent.
It boasts an extensive selection of traditional fare you'd find on Chicago's Little India, like aloo gobi and chicken korma, but made with fresher and higher-quality ingredients.
7. Chiya Chai
The cozy cafe vibe of Chiya Chai delights with its impressive selection of Indian and Nepalese dishes, with a large selection of made-for-you chai.
The food here is second rate to the spicy Indian beverage, whose unusual blends, like pink salt and almond butter, have a notably "chef-driven" quality to them.
6. Moti
Moti offers a welcoming, inclusive cafe environment with an obscure, disjointed menu that fuses various cuisines with Indian flavors, like its build-your-own bowl burrito.
The yum factor may feel a bit aggressive, but the cafe makes Indian flavors accessible to diners accustomed to a handful of cuisines that have long dominated the fast-casual model.