Hand picking a chocolate from a spread of round chocolates
10 Grocery Store Boxed Chocolates For Valentine's Day, Ranked
10. Dunkin' Chocolates
Despite being competitively priced at $6.99 with three flavors including Boston Kreme, strawberry-frosted, and brownie batter, these chocolates are a letdown.
After getting through the excessive packaging, the chocolates smell putrid, and the flavor isn’t much better, ranging from sickeningly sweet to the taste of bubblegum.
9. Lindt Strawberries & Cream
For Valentine’s Day, Lindt Lindor offers a limited-edition strawberries and cream flavor for $6.89, but these chocolates are best left on the shelf.
The chocolates smell noxiously saccharine, and the flavor leaves something to be desired, with an overwhelming white chocolate taste and just a slight essence of strawberry.
8. Whitman's Sampler
The Whitman's Sampler offers four generic flavors including caramel, vanilla crème, strawberry crème, and nut caramel for $3.99 a box.
Although not a bad price, you get what you pay for, and the chocolates disappoint in both taste and texture across each of the four flavors.
7. Ghirardelli Signature
Ghirardelli is a well-known name in chocolate, but each of the four chocolate flavors in the Signature Collection left something to be desired.
Flavors including chocolate almond, chocolate hazelnut with toffee, dark chocolate, and caramel are lackluster in quality, especially given the $14.99 price tag.
6. Hershey's Pot of Gold
At $6.89 for 30 truffle candies, Hershey's Pot of Gold is the best bang for your buck, but there are only two flavors — dark and milk chocolate.
The dark chocolate was very thick and dense while the milk chocolate tasted cheap and artificial, making this box a bargain but not entirely worth it.