Sweet potato fries with mayo and ketchup and one held in hand being dipped
10 Frozen Sweet Potato Fry Brands, Ranked
Publix Sweet Potato Fries cost over $6 per bag without offering much. The fries had very inconsistent sizes, a soft exterior when cooked, and a lackluster, bland flavor.
Roots Farm Fresh
These organic fries were inconsistent in size and had a bland flavor, but did offer a crisp exterior. At over $6 per bag after tax, they weren’t very impressive.
Great Value
At just over $3 for a 20-ounce bag, these fries are a cheap way to feed a crowd. However, the fries have a huge size discrepancy, lots of broken bits, and a mild flavor.
These fries were similar in shape, with few broken fries, and delivered a crisp exterior. The flavor was alright, but more savory than sweet, which isn’t great for $6 a bag.
Whole Foods 365
At $3.99 before tax, these fries are a great value. Their size was fairly equal, with no broken pieces and a crispy crust, but some larger pieces did end up soft.
Unfortunately, the fries' flavor was on the savory side, which would have benefited from a pinch of salt. All things considered, these fries are still a solid choice.