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10 Best Whiskeys For A Manhattan
1. Basil Hayden Toast
This 80-proof whiskey relies on a unique mash bill that leans most heavily on brown rice for a smooth sweetness, tasty nuttiness, and greater depth of flavor.
VinePair gave this bottle an impressive 92 rating and says it offers notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak that are fully expressed in the aromas and flavor.
2. Legent Bourbon
Legent has a hint of tart fruitiness and a beautiful flavor profile that offers the best of Kentucky bourbon and Japanese whisky.
Whiskey Reviewer says this is a bourbon that has a depth of character and is made for easy sipping, making it a great option for experimenting with cocktails like the Manhattan.
3. Law's Bonded Rye
Law's Whiskey House San Luis Valley Bonded Rye feels traditional for a Manhattan since it's a rye whiskey that also offers a unique flavor.
The bottle boasts cooling notes of wild mint and fennel with touches of brown sugar, sea salt, and orange tea, along with tobacco notes and a rich, buttery mouthfeel.
4. Woodford Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey features malt and rye as the most prominent grains and features more than 200 flavor notes.
The brand says it has one of the longest fermentation processes in the industry, which helps create its flavor profile that includes everything from dried fruit to cedar.
5. Stranahan's Sherry
Stranahan's Sherry Cask offers a unique aroma and flavor profile that features cherry, raisins, almonds, and leather, as well as honey, fig, and walnut.
Whisky Advocate gave this bottle a 90 rating and also notes that drinkers may also get notes of milk chocolate Toblerone, grape soda, and even candied ginger.
The sipping experience ends with a simultaneously buttery, sweet, and smoky finish that will make for a stellar Manhattan cocktail.