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10 Best Rums For A Mai Tai
Smith & Cross
Based out of London and tracing its roots all the way back to an 18th century sugar refinery, this rum not only possesses quite the kick with 57% alcohol by volume, but it’s relatively cheaper than other liquors. Even with its high ABV, its earthy complexity and collection of great flavors will give your Mai Tai a great kick.
Rhum J.M Blanc
Made from fresh cut sugar cane instead of molasses, this Martinique-style rum is placed in a unique category referred to as rhum agricole. Not only are the grassy notes in this white rum ideal for a Mai Tai, but also the distillery's utilization of sugar cane farmed in volcanic soils gives the spirit an unique minerality.
Hamilton 86 Demerara
Based out of the South American country of Guyana, this rum not only has fruity quality and medium body from its signature wooden still preparation, it also offers a balance of both sweet and bitter notes that translate well into many cocktails. This rum is aged in Guyana for five years and blended to 43% alcohol by volume.
Rhum Clement VSOP
Rhum agricole comes in two varieties: unaged (or blanc) and aged. The creators of Rhum Clement VSOP have opted for an aged approach, as it allows for added notes of cocoa and smoky tastes to the Mai Tai, as well as appealing to the masses with its more mellow taste.
Saint James Imperial
Standing out as one of the more affordable rums on this list at a cost of less than $30 per bottle, Saint James Imperial Agricole Blanc has not only been granted its Rhum Agricole A.O.C Martinique status, but it comes highly recommended by Hala Kahiki’s rum expert, Hayes Webster, who claimed that it “works great” in a Mai Tai.